How to convert decimal numbers to binary numbers


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Mostly new Computer Science students find it hard to convert Decimal numbers to Binary number system. In this how to article I will show you the easiest method of converting decimal numbers to binary numbers.

Decimal to Binary conversion

The following technique, called the (Division – Remainder Technique) is easiest & simple method used to convert decimal to binary numbers.

Step – 1

Divide the decimal number to be converted by the value of the new base. In this case divide it by 2.

Step – 2

Record the remainder from Step – 1 as the rightmost digit.

Step – 3

Divide the quotient of the previous by the new base.

Step – 4

Record the remainder from Step – 3 as the next digit (to the left) of the new base number.

Step – 5

Bottom to top sequence of remainder will be the required converted number. Repeat Step – 3 & Step – 4, recording remainders from right to left, until the quotient becomes less than the digit of new base so that it cannot be divided.

All these  steps are performed in the following picture for converting decimal numbers to binary. Isn’t that simple & easy.

How to convert decimal numbers to binary numbers

Test you Skills:

Following are few Decimal numbers for you to try out your skills and what you have learn so far. Post your answers in the comment section.

1. Convert (256)10 into Binary number.

2. Convert (128)10 into Binary number.

3. Convert (512)10 into binary number.

Waiting for your answers…

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