Top 10 Best Umbrella Softbox – Latest Guide

In the quest to tidy, umbrella softbox can make the difference between an organized home and one heaped with mismatched boxes in the closets and garage.

Consumers have been using storage boxes to organize nearly every part of their lives: In homes, on the farm, at warehouses, and even for travel. Over the years, many users have bought numerous brands and styles of storage containers for different applications. Some have served faithfully for decades in storage sheds, while some were only good for a year before cracking.

The best umbrella softbox can lead to smarter living in your home. With a functional aesthetic, storage bins can declutter and organize. To find the ideal umbrella softbox available, we conducted hours of research and evaluated product models on durability, size, type of plastic, closures, and price.

Top 10 Bestumbrella softbox : Editor’s Pick

10 Best umbrella softbox Reviews:

1. GODOX 32″/ 80cm Umbrella Octagon Portable Softbox Reflector for Studio Photography Speedlite Flash

Features :

  • The light Umbrella Octagon diffusion surface is 32″/ 80cm, with wide range of applications, suitable for portrait or product photography.
  • Can be used with flashes and some studio flash lights with umbrella hole.Note:the softbox no bowens mount.
  • High quality flash diffuser, minimize light loss and maximize light spread.
  • With zipper opening, easy to install the soft box with the stand.
  • It is a soft box when being spread and like an umbrella when being folded, easy to use.

2. UNPLUGGED STUDIO 43″ Box Umbrella (Diffuser Type) UN-006

Features :

  • Diameter:43inch(110cm)
  • It is a box type tyep umbrella, it irradiates light efficiently
  • It illuminate the front widely.
  • Tube diameter:1/3inch (8mm)
  • # The main tube is made of iron.

Additional Info :

Color Diffuser Type

3. Neewer 31.5 inches /80 Centimeters Portable Octagonal Umbrella Softbox for Studio Flash, Speedlite, with White Diffuser and Carrying Bag for Portrait Product Photography (Black/Blue)

Features :

  • WIDE OPENING: The light diffusion surface diameter is 31.5 inches /80 centimeters, with wide range of applications, suitable for portrait or product photography
  • FOLDABLE: It is a softbox when being spread and like a folded umbrella when being folded, easy to use
  • HIGH REFLECTIVE: The umbrella body is made of high-density nylon material and proved to be high reflective; The inner side of the soft box is silver coated to maximize reflection effect
  • STURDY: Double metal frame, light and solid; Blue bordure makes it look fancy
  • COMPATIBILITY: Can be used with speedlite flashes and some studio flash lights with umbrella hole, such as Nikon SB-800,SB-900,Canon 430EX, Canon 580EX, Vivita, Sony, Pentax, Olympus, Yongnuo, Neewer and Other Flash; Note: Light stand, flash holder mount and flash are NOT included

Additional Info :

Color Black+Blue
Item Dimensions
Weight 0.874375

4. Vevelux Photography Lighting Kit, 8.5x10ft Background Support System, 800W 6600K Umbrella Softbox Continuous Lighting Kit with Remote for Photo Video Shoot Portrait Studio Product Photography

Features :

  • ? 【ADJUSTABLE BACKGROUND SUPPORT STAND】 The length of the backdrop stand is 10 ft/3 m – 5.35 ft/1.63 m, and the height is 8.53 ft/2.6 m – 2.72 ft/0.83 m. The photography stand is very strong and durable that can carry 11 lbs/5 kg without wobbly. It is designed to be simply installed and disassembled in a few minutes with one person. When is closed, the tripod is only 2.36 ft/0.72 m, and the crossbar is only 2.79 ft/0.85 m, that can be stored in the carrying bag to save space.
  • ? 【ALUMINUM ALLOY LIGHTING STAND & ROTATING LIGHT HEAD】 The height of the adjustable aluminum alloy stands, which are max 6.89 ft/2.1 m – min 2.79 ft/0.85 m is light, durable, stable, and can avoid rusting. The tripod stand is designed with flip lock for easier adjustment and locking than the traditional rotary knob. The softbox light head can be rotated 210 degree, and the E27 light sockets head can be rotated 180 degree. The length of the cable is 2.8 m, which can move freely in studio.
  • ? 【DIMMABLE 45W 3000-6600K LED SOFTBOX LIGHT】 The color temperature of the LED lighting system can be adjusted from 3000K to 6600K, with 3 light modes(Infinitely adjustable): neutral white, warm white and cold white, as well as has a wide dimming range from 1% to 100%. They have longer life and better light than the traditional bulbs, and can be controlled by two remote controls from up to 33 ft away. Note: Please adjust the color temperature first and then adjust the brightness.
  • ? 【SOFTBOX & UMBRELLA PHOTOGRAPHY LIGHTING KIT】 The 20”x28”/50×70 cm softboxes are made of nylon fabric and reflective aluminum coating, which could minimize the loss of light and reflection performance. The softbox cover cloth make the light become softer and brighter. The 33″/84 cm white translucent umbrellas can soften, broaden, diffuse the light and weaken shadows. Manually adjust distance between light bulbs and umbrellas to get the best light for perfect shooting.
  • ? 【3 X 100% POLYESTER BACKDROPS】 The 6 x 9 ft/ 1.97 x 2.85 m backgrounds are made of 100% polyester fabric, which are non-reflective, no color cast, no fading, no pilling, lightweight and portable. They can be ironed with a steam iron no more than 150 degrees Celsius and washed by machine. The 7 cm rod pockets in the top make the background cloth not slip down from the stand and allow the screen to be seamlessly drapes down. All edges are processed to prevent material tearing.
  • ? 【8 BACKDROP CLAMPS & CARRY BAG】 4 backdrop clips keep the photo video background tight and reduce wrinkles. 4 spring clamps prevent the photography backdrop from slipping off. The background screen can be directly hung up or taken off the photography support stand within a minute by using clamps. The oxford cloth carry bag is large enough for whole kit components. The photography system kit can be taken anywhere easily and stored conveniently by using the bag.
  • ? 【PACKAGE INCLUDED】 The package includes Softbox x 2, Umbrella x 2, 45W LED Light Bulb x 4, Flip Lock Support Stand x 2, Rotary Knob Support Stand x 2, Cross Bar x 2, White Backdrop x 1, Black Backdrop x 1, Green Backdrop x 1, Spring Clamp x 4, Backdrop Clip x 4, Remote Control x 4, Power Wire x 2, Carrying Bag x 1, Operating Manual x 1. If the product does not meet your expectations, please contact us 24 hours a day, we will provide professional customer service to ensure your satisfaction.

Additional Info :

Color Black

5. Neewer 43″ Diameter Photography Studio Collapsible Reflective Softbox Umbrella

Features :

  • Item Package Height:73.66 Centimeters
  • Item Package Length:5.08 Centimeters
  • Item Package Width:12.954 Centimeters
  • Product Type:Camera Other Accessories

Additional Info :

Item Dimensions
Height 51.181
Width 275.59
Length 19.685
Weight 0.75625

6. Godox 47″/120cm Umbrella Octagon Softbox Reflector with Carrying Bag for Portrait or Product Photography with SUPON USB LED (120cm)

Features :

  • The light diffusion surface diameter is 47″/120cm, with wide range of applications, suitable for portrait or product photography.
  • It is a soft box when being spread and like an umbrella when being folded, easy to use.
  • The umbrella body made of high-density nylon material, high reflective.
  • Comes with front translucent cover that is sewn with fastener tape around the edge, great for speedlite.
  • Godox 47″/120cm Umbrella Octagon Softbox Reflector Can be used with flashes and some studio flash lights with umbrella hole.

Additional Info :

Item Dimensions
Height 5
Width 3
Length 12
Weight 0.88

7. Godox UB-165W 65in Parabolic Reflective Umbrella,Black White Reflective Umbrella Studio Light Umbrella with Diffuser Cover Cloth

Features :

  • The Godox parabolic reflector adopts a parabolic design, which has a large depth and a more uniform light change. Seek freedom to shape light. By changing the light reflection position, choosing different sizes of reflective umbrellas and linings, adding diffusers, etc., different light effects can be easily obtained. It is an ideal choice for portrait photography and fashion photography.
  • Classic black and silver version: The black and silver version of the parabolic reflector can concentrate light effects on the details of the object and produce natural eye catch light. It can not only light up the object being photographed, but also facilitate precise control of the contrast and saturation of the light effect. It is suitable for creating a refreshing and avant-garde shape. Use a diffuser to make the light effect softer.
  • Simple black and white version: The black and white version of the parabolic reflector can still achieve relatively good light control, but the light effect is softer than the black and silver version and does not require much operation. After installing the diffuser, beautiful window light came into being.
  • Soft light transparent version: The transparent version of the parabolic reflector can be used to expand the light source and soft light effect. The light reflected by the transparent interlining cloth is softer than the black and silver version and the black and white version, and can be used as a wonderful supplementary light.
  • Lightweight and portable: The parabolic reflector is lightweight and easy to transport. Each size comes standard with a specially designed carrying case, which can accommodate a complete set of reflective umbrellas and diffusers, which can be carried and left.

Additional Info :

Item Dimensions
Height 2.362204722
Width 3.543307083
Length 29.133858238

8. NEEWER 2.6m x 3m / 8.5ft x 10ft Background Support System and 800W 5500K Umbrellas Softbox Continuous Lighting Kit for Photo Studio Product,Portrait and Video Shoot Photography

Features :

  • The Kit Includes: (4) 7ft / 200cm Light Stands, (2) Single Head Light Holders, (4) 45W CFL Daylight Bulbs, (2) 33″ / 84cm Umbrellas, (2) 24” x 24″ / 60cm x 60cm Softboxes, (3) 1.8m x 2.8m/6ft x 9ft Polyester Backdrops (Black, White, and Green), (6) Backdrop Clamps, (1) 2.6m x 3m / 8.5ft x 10ft Background Stand Support System, (1) Carry Bag for Background Support System, and (1) Carry Bag for Continuous Lighting Kit
  • The 79″ (7ft ) / 200cm Light Stands are stable and capable of heavy duty work. Designed with 3-section telescopic legs and single action locks for quick height adjustment. Includes 2 Single Head Light Holders allowing you to attach a light bulb and umbrella to each stand.
  • The 33″ / 84cm White Translucent Umbrellas can soften and broaden the light output of any studio light or flash source. The kit comes with (4) 45W Daylight Studio Light Bulbs equal to 200W of regular incandescent lighting with 5500K color temperature. Ideal for photography lighting.
  • The 24″ x 24″ / 60cm x 60cm Softboxes effectively diffuse the light to give you even illumination for the best shots possible. Equipped with a E26 light bulb socket, you can connect a light bulb directly to each softbox, or use them with other lights or flashes.

Additional Info :

Color Background and Lighting Kit
Item Dimensions
Height 35.826771617
Width 12.598425184
Length 12.598425184

9. EMART 8.5 x 10 ft Backdrop Support System, Photography Video Studio Lighting Kit Umbrella Softbox Set Continuous Lighting for Photo Studio Product, Portrait and Video Shooting Photography

Features :

  • 8.5 x 10 ft Backdrop Support System with 6 x 9 ft Muslin Backdrop(black, white green), Backdrop stand supports canvas, muslin and paper, suitable for home and professional studio use. the backdrop stand can extend to 8.5 ft in height and 10 ft wide lot’s of room for all kinds of studio shoots.
  • 6 x 9 ft Muslin Backdrop(Black, White and Green), 100% Cotton Muslin seamless background to help absorb the light and eliminate reflection, thick and solid hang down feeling good. NOTE: due to transporting it, the backdrop may has wrinkles, please hung out the backdrop by 1-2 days if necessary, use steam iron to iron the reverse side.
  • The Photography Umbrella Lighting Kit, soften Lighting and set up the light differently depending on what effect. Light stand and bulb holders are flexible, the height of light stand can be adjusted between 2.5ft- 7ft. The angle of the bulb holders can be turned both horizontally and vertically, manually adjust distance between light bulbs & umbrella to get best light
  • 24″ x 24″ Softbox Continuous Lighting Kit, 5500K color temperature is most suitable for studio shooting, portrait lighting and still-photography, Ultimate soften light stream and remove shadow to make perfect shooting, Silver internal face can minimize light loss and maximize light spread.
  • Package List, [2] 24″x24″ Softbox, [1] 8.5 x 10ft Backdrop Stand Support System,[3] 6×9 ft Muslin Backdrop(Black, White and Green), [6]Backdrop Spring Clamps, [4] Backdrop Clip Holder, [4] 5500K CFL Daylight Bulb,[2]Lamp Holder, [2] 33inch Translucent Umbrella, [4] 7ft Light Stand, [1] 43″ 5 in 1 Reflector. [1] Carrying Bag

Additional Info :

Item Dimensions
Length 21

10. Neewer 32 inches /80 centimeters Octagon Softbox Octagonal Speedlite, Studio Flash, Speedlight Umbrella Softbox with Carrying Bag for Portrait or Product Photography.

Features :

  • The light diffusion surface diameter is 32″/80cm, with wide range of applications, suitable for portrait or product photography.
  • It is a soft box when being spread and like an umbrella when being folded, easy to use.
  • The umbrella body made of high-density nylon material, high reflective.
  • Double metal frame, light and solid.
  • Can be used with flashes and some studio flash lights with umbrella hole.

Additional Info :

Color Black / Silver (out/in)
Item Dimensions
Height 4.724409444
Width 4.724409444
Length 31.49606296
Weight 0.880625
Release Date 2015-03-02T00:00:01Z

What to Look for in a Storage Box


There are two sizes you must take into consideration when searching for a photo box. First is the overall size of the box which will affect how many photos you can store. Additionally, keep in mind the size of the photographs you are looking to store. Many options are suitable for a standard 4 x 6 photograph, while others can accommodate larger dimensions. Ensure your photos will fit in your storage solution before taking the plunge.


Different materials will affect the longevity of your photos. Many options on this list are made from plastic that is acid-free and designed to keep photos looking new for longer. Cardboard photo boxes tend to have extra features like linings or additional buffers to protect against dust and debris. Wood may be a more stylish option but will not have the added benefit of being acid-free.


The purpose of a photo storage box is often to find a place to store photographs in a safe and organized manner that still remains attractive in appearance. For those who will regularly be looking at their store photos, clear boxes and photo sleeves will make it easy to search for photos. Also, additional features like labels or color-coded boxes can add to the level or organization.

For those placing their storage boxes in attics or storage rooms, the appearance will not be as important. Those who still wish to have their photos on hand may choose a more aesthetically pleasing option or one that can easily be decorated or painted. Consider where your photo boxes will live and how they look if that’s important when making your decision.

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